3 Appliance require more maintenance than you think

We all know that home appliances require regular maintenance to keep the safety hazards in check. Besides the safety issues, one must ensure the efficiency of a home appliance every now and then to utilize the machine to the fullest. Very few machines require zero maintenance whilst, home appliances that are part of our daily life demand more care. This article will disclose the top 3 appliances that require more maintenance and wary care in addition to the reasons behind why it demands.

1. Water Purifier

The water purifier tops the list of appliances requiring more maintenance. Obviously, a water purifier calls for frequent maintenance owing to the presence of delicate filters. Approximately every 3 months your filter demands a replacement. When you don’t replace the water filters regularly, you’re at high risk of consuming contaminated water.

Three factors that determine the cost of maintenance:

  • Purification process
  • Filters used
  • Varying brands

Three common varieties of water purifier you’ll get to see in the home appliance store are UV, UF, and RO water purifiers. Depending on the type of filters used in the water purifiers, maintenance cost varies.

UF water purifier: This is the basic water purifying technology that clogs up bacteria, viruses and retains them in the membrane. You’ll be asked to replace the filters annually or every six months. Maintenance of the UF water purifier is cheap when compared to that of UV and RO water purifier.

UV water purifier: UV water purifiers are generally known to kill 99 % of microorganisms. Microbes when exposed to UV light, they become feeble and die eventually. But the duration of UV light is pretty a great deal. Both UV and UF filters are incapable of removing dissolved solids. Hence, these shall be recommended only to the people who get to access low TDS water for daily consumption

RO water purifier: RO water purifier is becoming prominent all over the world. The Reverse Osmosis technology is reckoned to be better than UV and UF water purifiers. Unlike UV and UF, RO has a series of filtering processes, embracing many filters and RO membranes. RO water purifier thus demands a change for filters and membranes regularly. Impurities like mud and dust will damage the membrane oft-times. Consequently, the average cost of RO maintenance skyrockets compared to that of the other two water purifiers. For RO Water purifier service reach us

2. Air Conditioners

Improper operations lead to many problems in Air conditioners. Refrigerator leaks shall call for frequent maintenance. The filters, coils, and other factors of air conditioner demand much attention and maintenance. The following factors explain why an air conditioner requires much maintenance.

Clogged filters: The efficiency of your air conditioner solely depend on whether you replace the clogged filter or not. Replacing the clogged filter will save both your energy consumption and furthermore, servicing it once in every three months is highly advisable. Besides the reusable filters, there are normal filters mounted in the air conditioners. One should make sure to clean the filters at least once a month upon regular and heavy usage.

Coils: The evaporator and condenser coil collect specks of dirt over a prolonged period of regular usage. To prevent soiling, one has to clean the coils regularly. This increases the maintenance cost and demands frequent services. If you’re living in an inner-city region, you probably will have a pollution filled environment. So, the grubby condenser coil will not permit you to experience the coolness from the air conditioner. In order to avoid this, you’ll have to make sure the coils are in standard condition once in four months at least.

Fins: You will find aluminum fins on the evaporator which upon regular usage will tend to bend and ultimately block the flow of air from the air conditioner unit. Therefore, you must keep an eye on the coil fins as well.

Reasons demanding frequent maintenance:

  • Refrigerant leaks that hinder the proportion of chill air
  • Compressor and electrical connection complications arise upon frequent switching.
  • Prolonged usage of air conditioners without any maintenance check.
  • Sensor issues.

Pro Tip: Do AC General service in regular interval

3. Chimneys

The kitchen appliance, Chimney, tops the list of appliances demanding frequent maintenance. Depending upon the type of chimney, the maintenance cost varies. Three commonly found chimneys in an appliance store are wall-mounted, straight line and auto cleaning chimneys. The ductless chimneys require adequate service than ducted chimneys. If you’re buying a ductless chimney, then undoubtedly, you’ll have to book servicemen once in every month. Besides this, the sort of filter used in the chimneys will reveal how often you’ll be asked to service it.

Reasons why filters demand maintenance

Three generally found filters in the chimney are mesh, baffle and carbon filters.

  • Mesh filter: The capability of suction will drop upon blockages and thus requires frequent cleaning
  • Baffle filter:  The greasy particles that become glutinous demands to be removed once in four months.
  • Carbon filter: To remove the bad odor and other greasy stuff, you’ll need to clean once in six months. This is because of the presence of charcoal will absorb oil particles and becomes saturated at one point. Thus, removing the clogged pieces of stuff is highly recommended.

Chimneys with removable filters will save both your money and maintenance cost. Nevertheless, regular maintenance will expand the lifespan of your chimney, regardless of which brand and what type of filter your chimney has. Additionally, the blower shield deserves equal importance when it comes to maintaining. Technicians and professional chimney cleaners will fix the issues up to scratch and hence it’s recommended to hire them routinely.

Pro Tip: Do Chimney cleaning regularly


Regular maintenance will help to save your machines in the long run. These three appliances improve their efficiency upon servicing regularly. There can be a hundred reasons why your appliance loses its efficiency but when you follow up the maintenance chart, you’ll probably have zero issues. Hiring a serviceman is now made easy. You can hire us ServiceTree to experience an up to par service.

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