Your water heater might not work properly for some reason or you may want to buy a new water heater for the very first time. Well, whatever your motive is, you have come to the right place. Are you looking for the best water heater? Are you browsing tirelessly to find the right choice that will suit your lifestyle? Well, no worries. This article will disclose the types of water heater, their features, capacities and why you should or shouldn’t consider buying a particular type of water heater, when is the right time to ditch your old geyser and so on. Upon completing reading this article you’ll be all set to go shopping with a crystal clear mind.

Varieties in Water heater

You must have heard or read a lot that there are two common water heaters habitually preferred for domestic purposes. Well, to be precise, there are four major water heaters one can find in a home appliance store viz standard tank storage, tankless instant water heater, solar-powered water heater, and hybrid water heater. Let’s have a quick look at each water heater and how they vary from each other.

Standard tank storage: as the name suggests, this water heater will have a tank to store the water. This standard tank storage will heat up the water and remains warm until water is utilized for the tank will be insulated. There are different types of storage capacities available in the market. This us the most preferred sort of water heater and it’s quite easy to install. Storage geysers range anywhere from 10 to 25 liters for domestic use.

Instant water heater: Instant water heater aka tankless water heater has no storage tanks but some super-heated coils. It instantly heats the water and shall be preferred when you don’t want to wait. Instant water heaters are usually preferred by office going bachelors and small families who don’t require much space to store water nor can they wait. The storage capacity would be less than 3 liters and anything more than 3 liters are considered storage tanks.

Solar-powered water heaters:  Yes, it saves energy. Technicians will install this on the roof of your house or flat, for these water heaters come with a set of solar panels to absorb solar energy from the sun. This water heater though helps to save your pocket, demands few backup plans for the winter season. Perhaps, if you’re using natural gas as your source of energy for cooking, you can utilize the same as a backup on drizzling days.

Hybrid water heater: This is more like a storage water tank, but this water heater has a heat pump to increase the temperature of the water. The hybrid water heater is extremely energy efficient but is considered much costlier than other water heaters available on the market. These water heaters shall be preferred if you have got a large open space for it has to draw heat from the nearby atmosphere. Unlike other water heaters, hybrid geysers are pretty taller than others.

Now that you have an idea about the commonly available water heaters on the market, you would be puzzled to choose the right version of the chosen variety of water heater. The following points will help you figure out the right choice that can fit in your lifestyle.

The most tricky task

Finding the right fuel will be a strenuous piece of work. If you’re wondering what’s the fuel source, while electricity is the only option, well you’re wrong. You’ve got solar, geothermal, gas and even oil besides the electricity. Choose the right form of fuel that will not disturb your daily life.

Varying capacities

Whether you’re from a joint family or nuclear family, capacity plays a crucial factor in choosing the right water heater. There are a lot of water heaters with varying capacities available on the market. Depending on the size of your family one should choose the water heater. Besides your family size, it’s better to keep the daily requirement of water in mind


Few need to save money, few want to save time and few would like to utilize natural resources. Whatever your motive is, you’ve got all types of water heater to support your motive – instant water heaters to save time, tank storage to save money, and solar water heaters for nature enthusiasts.

Why buy a new water heater?

“It is better to fix the older ones!”  ” is it worth spending on it?”

If you want to repair your old water heater, reach us, we are ServiceTree we do water heater repair and service and all appliance repair.

All these musings are common among middle-class people and to any wise and miser souls. Well, water heaters are “must-have” home appliances; especially, if you’ve got kids or elder people at home, if you’re looking for a water heater in a cold season or perhaps you actually live in cold regions. The following are the scenarios that we consider as a “high time” for you to buy or replace the water heater.

  • If you’ve been using outdated water heaters then remember there are a lot of new versions available in the market now. From auto-off to the LED digital display, temperature resistant to corrosion-resistant, many features are upgraded to ease our lifestyle.
  • If your water leaking is bad enough already, then it’s better to look for a new one now
  • If your water heater is troubling consistently even after fixing it for a couple of times in the post-warranty period, it’s better if you replace it now. 

One must be heedful in choosing the right home appliance. Sometimes we go beyond facts and figures and other times it’s just our instincts that drive us. But when you begin shopping after researching it thoroughly, you’ll be glad and stress-free to choose one. We hope the above information must have cleared your hazy thoughts and you’re all set to begin shopping. Try to interact with sales executives and spell out your requirements. When they begin to explain the heaters and their features, you’ll realize how helpful this article was.

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