If you’re going to buy an Oven or you’d already bought a new one lately and wondering what to do with it and how to utilize the new appliance, then stop browsing. You’ve got into the right place. This blog post will serve as a basic guide covering common ways to cook, beyond common uses, do’s and don’ts, and much more.

Cooking in a microwave oven will exceptionally help save your time. You don’t need to sweat and wet for hours to prepare food, unlike gas stoves, microwaves are superfast and shall help you serve one big dinner for a large family just within minutes. Unlike induction cooking, you’ll hear no weird sound like a buzz or hum while cooking. Enough of comparing, if you’ve bought home a new oven or if you’re thinking about buying a new one, you’ve made the right choice.

Common uses

You must have heard a lot that baking and reheating leftovers as the routine option people do with ovens. But clearly, what you heard is wrong. There’s a misconception that all awesome mouth-watering foods shall be cooked only on gas tops. Well, to be honest, there are a lot of recipes that shan’t be cooked on glass stoves and even if did, you’ll not get the same flavorsome taste as you get from ovens. Below are the common reasons (uses) why you should buy a microwave oven

Warming: Indeed, microwaves are used to heat the leftovers. Unlike the gas stoves and induction, microwaves give you soggy-free food that is reported to retain the essential nutrients and it’s highly advised to stir the food while reheating. Warming the food will not take more than a couple of minutes.

Baking: Oh yes. Your oven could bake cookies to pizzas. If you’re a fan of brownies and cupcakes, wait no longer. Start baking and serve fresh. Baking is the prime reason why most of the consumers buy Ovens. All you need to prepare is batter or dough and the rest is just to sit aside the oven.

Grilling: Do you want to taste grilled meat? Well, microwaves are the best option to sear and cook the meat without losing the flavors. A grill microwave is suitable for both cooking and grilling besides reheating. If you order tikkas and kebabs often, then better get an oven and start trying out yourself. Paneer tikkas, chicken tikka kebabs, and grilled potatoes are all-time favorite of consumers who use ovens exclusively for grilling options.

Roasting: Unlike other options, roasting embraces dry method for cooking. The hot dry air engulfs the food and cooks evenly. Roasting demands higher temperatures to enjoy the crusty feel of food. The strong aroma of the food upon roasting in an oven shall tempt you to steal the whole meat to some furtive place to enjoy it all by yourself.

Blanching: Vegetarians exclusively prefer ovens for blanching okra besides cooking and baking. It just takes 3 – 4 minutes to blanch okra. The sturdy greens shall be blanched after being oiled and salted. Blanching in the oven is much easier than blanching in glass tops. Especially the blanching water shall be reused for almost 5 times.

Steaming: Wondering if steaming dishes shall be done in oven? Yes, indeed. You don’t need to be a fancy baker, all you need to do is to find the right size of a bowl or pot and fill it with water before placing it in the oven. If you’re thinking of oven steam bread, well you can actually make two loaves of bread in one shot.

Apart from the customary recipes, there are a whole lot of other things you can do with the oven. Oh yeah, not just cooking but you’re going to read some awesome hacking ways to use microwave ovens like a pro.

Microwave ovens can be used to disinfect many of your kitchen items from chopping boards to sponges. All you need to do is soak them in lemon squeezed water and place it in the oven. Set the temperature high for 2-3 minutes. Remove the whole new, fresh and germ-free sponge or board now. You can sterilize the bottles as well.

To all dear ladies, you can use your microwave oven for heating your beauty products. Few cosmetics are reported much effective after warming them up for a couple of minutes. Well, you can use the oven to heat the massage oils and hair oil as well.

That solidified honey! Yes, you can decrystallize honey, just open the lid and place the jar in the microwave oven. Heat it for a minute. That’s it! You don’t need to fine-tune to the seasons.

Does peeling onions and garlic make you tired? Well, worry no more. If you’ve got an oven, microwave them for a couple of minutes on a durable plate.  Also, removing the husk of the vegetables has now made easy with ovens.

Are you a lover of caramel corn? Well, caramel corn shall be served in less than 10 minutes and homemade caramel corn is way better than those you get in the market.

You can make chips, cake in a mug, peel tomatoes, and peaches, revive the stale bread, dye your yarn and what not!

Do’s and don’ts

We know, you’re just a beginner. So here are a few tips that will help you get started

Don’t use metal bowls or any other metal utensils. Why? well, microwaves don’t pass through them. So, it’s better to cook in glass and ceramic containers.

Always keep in mind that different recipes require different temperatures and different durations. So, it’s wise to google out your recipe before you start cooking.

Stirring food occasionally while cooking in the oven is highly recommended by Chefs

Always cover the food you microwave especially if you’re cooking and grilling. Well, roasting doesn’t fall in this category

Clean your oven as often as you can with a tidy cloth and hot water

Overall, Microwave is like a magic wand in your kitchen. It requires very less time and effort to make tasty food but a lot of close attention to what’s happening. If you’re still thinking about why to buy an oven, well you’re missing out on something great in life. Cooking is an art and if you want to explore that art, make sure you’ve all the tools in your kitchen.

yummy day!

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