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There’s this little voice in all of us that craves to be heard aloud. “toss it away, it’s time to replace; let’s hail the newcomer.” But unfortunately, we whisper them to none ’cause we’re afraid that something less efficient might get replaced. Home appliances haven’t got any indestructible boons. Their warranty period does expire at some point. Nevertheless, we’ll be bound to use them for a prolonged period way more than expected. Perhaps it’s owing to the fact that we’re glued to them emotionally. Home appliances are part of our family. We develop an unbreakable bond with them by means of regularly utilizing them

Ditching them once they stop functioning is quite dreadful. What if the new home appliance doesn’t fit in your style? What if the old ones can run for a few more years? What if mending the faulty machines would save your pocket? What if you caught short after buying new appliances? Well, these sorts of thoughts will definitely pop in one’s mind irrespective of the social class he or she belongs to. This article will uncover five major reasons why it’s now the right time for you to ditch your old appliances

Obsolete machinery

We know, one should be daring enough to get rid of those appliances that once helped them to run their life smoothly. But nothing lasts longer. Home appliances’ warranty period ranges from 1 to 5 years or a maximum of 7 years. Thus, manufacturers aren’t willing to provide any service for appliances that endure glitches for more than a decade. Fixing the issues over and over can never be your permanent solution. Outdated machines are highly dangerous to operate. Every so often you might experience electric shock and if truth be told, there are many cases reported electrocuted upon utilizing outdated machines. Just like expired medicines, outdated machines lose their effectiveness and do no good in your life despite the complications.

Shortage of replacement parts

Manufacturers are ready to provide n number of free services in the course of warranty period and paid service in the post-warranty period as well. But the thing is, they don’t mass produce the spare parts. Nevertheless, they’re ready to invest in production for the new version of existing appliances. This alternative solution does not satisfy us. But that’s the way the cookie crumbles. We cannot blindly expect a manufacturer to produce spare parts for a very old version of an appliance just because we have them at home. Right? Yes, the replacement of spare parts is one important factor why you should ditch your old appliances. Manufacturers keep their spare parts get-at-able only till the warranty period they guaranteed.

Energy consumer

Is your meter reading skyrocketing? Are you paying double the amount than you usually do to the Electricity board? Well, then undoubtedly, you’re using old appliances. Unlike new machines, older ones consume a lot of energy. Your electrical appliances especially outdated refrigerators are reported to consume more energy. This is solely because motor windings would draw more energy upon fluctuations whereas, new fridges will have fresh motor winding that can withstand even 240 volts high. If this is happening, then it’s the right time for you to replace your fridge-freezer now.

Lack of features

Gone are the days when you would turn the switch on for a machine to work. Now things are changed. We now do it with remote controls and to be precise,  technology advancement has enabled voice recognition to make a machine turn on and off. There’s always a better version of an appliance. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to choose the ones which offer the highest version or updated technologies. Not all the features shall be considered as your benefits. Your neighbors’ want shan’t be your need. Few manufacturers are promoting their brands by adding up features to their existing models. This though might seem extraneous and inessential, they are specifically designed with a motive to cherish customer value.  

Hefty mending Price

We know, fixing an old appliance is cost-effective. Perhaps initial services will seem to have a good result both cost-wise and value-wise, but when it turns to bother you constantly, you’ll have to hunt for a new machine. Due to the scarce in spare parts, engineers who are repairing your machines will handover a bill quoting a hefty price. Whining about service engineers is never going to fix your problem. You will not blame them if you understand the reason behind their quoting factor. Even when you’re ready to spend extra bucks to fix your machines, you cannot rely on old appliances. They are completely unreliable and shall put you in danger anytime.

The above five reasons will make your mind crystal clear on why to ditch your old appliances. You might be wondering how to dispose of your old appliances and will there be any profit you can make out of old appliances. Well, if this thought has crossed your mind, then you’re right. You don’t need to trash them or toss it away to the garbage. Instead, you can give it to the junk removal professionals and in return, they might give you a few bucks. Yes donate your old appliances for a good cause and buy new ones to ease your work. Now, find the appliance that you can afford, an extra penny will certainly be worth spending when it comes to new appliances.

 Last but not least

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