Summers have arrived and if you are looking to purchase new AC or need to stay up to date with the latest development in the AC tech world you should peruse this article. Air conditioner industry has seen a significant change over the last few years. Indian AC market has seen a healthy double-digit development in the ongoing years and if the analyst trust same development rate would proceed for a couple of more years to come. When thought about a luxury, ACs is presently seen as a basic appliance even in the middle families. Most air conditioners in the first gathering have created systems for protection against the improper operation. They are outfitted with self-diagnostics and security devices that disconnect the air Conditioner in case of an occurrence of improper activity, overburden or in case of another perilous situation. Following are listed some of the valuable features which can be asked
when buying new Air Conditioners

Fan Speeds

The fan flows cooled or heats the air around the room. Look out for a model with a wide airflow dimension and numerous fan speeds: from exceptionally high to assist the room to cool down rapidly or to raise the temperature at the appropriate time so there are less noise and no nasty draught once you have the correct temperature.

Operating Modes

Now a day’s Air conditioner comes with various operating modes which can easily help you to maintain the proper temperature of your room.

  • Auto: Automatically picks the mode required to keep the room at the selected temperature.
  • Cool: Pumps heat from inside to outside.
  • Heat: Pumps heat from the outside to inside.
  • Dry: Dehumidifies the air. Gives some cooling, however not as much as a cooling mode.
  • Only Fan: Blows air without cooling, heating or drying, which is valuable when all you need is a cooling breeze.
  • Economy: Also called Eco mode, this diminishes power utilization. Different brands execute this in different ways. It might just diminish the cooling or heating output by changing the indoor regulator a degree or two, or it might utilize sensors to recognize if nobody is in the room and afterward decrease the cooling/warming.

Air filters and self-cleaning

  • Air conditioners offer progressively modern air filtration systems, to evacuate allergens, shape, microscopic organisms, odors, and dust from the air.
  • This is regularly joined by a self-cleaning capacity to keep within the unit to dry and decrease the work of dust and the development of mold; this also helps keep the unit running all the more effective.

Remote control

Search for large, all around spaced buttons with simple to-peruse names, and a major, simple to-peruse LCD screen.

Sleep mode

This feature alters the temperature in ventures to a comfortable dimension for sleeping so the air conditioner doesn’t function as hard and is quite silent when you’re sleeping.

Air Direction Control

Movable louvers let you control the direction air is blown from the unit. If the unit will be put in a family room, having the capacity to change the vent can mean shielding the unit from blowing straightforwardly on people who might sit in the living zone. It also gives you a chance to optimize airflow in the space if you will use a room or roof fan.

Wi-Fi Enabled AC

If you are someone who likes features, you ought to look for Wi-Fi empowered ACs. These features let you control your AC utilizing your cell phone or tablet, with the assistance of an application.

Hope this articles summarized the features of modern ACs, if you face any issues in your air conditioner feel free to reach ServiceTree AC Repair Team, we are happy to help you and provide 30 days warranty for each service.

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