Air cooler, also called a swamp cooler, air cooler, or desert cooler is an electrical machine utilized for cooling ambient temperature through humidification or all the more explicitly, through the evaporation of water, in this way bringing about an enhancement in humidity or the addition of moisture in the air. Air cooler technology is definitely not a new development. Since the earth was formed, we are picking up the advantages of this technology. Essentially, Air cooler vaporize the water and provide us the cooled air. What’s more, this is a similar procedure of how our atmosphere gets cooled. But, when we are utilizing a machine rather than nature, it has various effects on health.

At the point when utilized in an appropriate circumstance, evaporative coolers offer significant favorable circumstances over vapor-pressure or refrigerant-based air conditioning units and dehumidifiers. However, the way that an evaporative is additionally a humidifier implies that it has constraints and disadvantages under specific conditions

During the runtime of air cooler, water evaporates and enhances the humidity in the air. Enhancement in the humidity is very favorable conditions to build bacteria, viruses, mold in the water. Due to this reason, Asthma patients ought to be exceptionally cautious about the use of air cooler. If in case the air cooler utilization triggers asthma attack, it is advised not to utilize the air cooler

Following are the list of the detailed effects on why people don’t prefer air cooler

Not as powerful as air conditioners as far as cooling

An evaporative cooler or swamp cooler can’t bring down the ambient temperature as much as a vapor-pressure or refrigerant-based air molding units. At last, it isn’t as successful and as proficient as air conditioners regarding cooling limit

Perhaps the major disadvantage of the air cooler is its limited range. An air cooler will generally cool down only a small space. The cooling output is usually to be less than a window air conditioner and far less than central air conditioning

Not suitable for use in regions with high humidity

Remember that an evaporative cooler humidifies or expands the moistures in the air. In territories with high relative humidity or during a hot and moist climate, utilizing this electronic appliance can enhance warm distress

It is counterproductive to utilize an evaporative cooler in hot and damp climate due to its failure to successfully lower down the temperature and give satisfactory warm comfort. At last, its operation results bring about the inefficient utilization of power

At the point when conventional air conditioners are not an option, the best option in contrast to an air cooler is a dehumidifier that does the inverse—improves the temperature in a hot and moist condition by diminishing and maintaining the level of humidity in the air

Various limitations and drawbacks due to humidity

Some of the vital disadvantages of evaporative cooler focus on the different issues that accompany high humidity. First of all, over usage of this electric apparatus can result in the excessive humidity, in this manner advancing the development of dust mites, and mold and mildew in a restricted space

There are numerous health drawbacks also. High stickiness in a restricted space can bring about a condition called extreme touchiness or trigger asthma and other unfavorably allergic issues because of the presence of mold and mildew, or microscopic organisms or bacteria in the damp air. Note that when not appropriately kept up, the water tank of an evaporative cooler can also be a reproducing ground for pathogens and mosquito.

Another limitations and disadvantages of evaporative cooler, particularly when utilized too much or under a hot and moist climate, incorporate harm to wood-based and paper-based materials because of the development of shape and mildew, decreased life of electronics due to high humidity advances and quickens the corrosion of electronic segments, and weakness to buildup because of high humidity that can also harm gadgets, just as wood-based and paper-based materials.

Air Coolers are quite noisy

Air coolers are extremely noisy. Air coolers have two segments. Once, the fan or blower to circle the air. Another is the water engine, to circle water. Both the fan and water motor makes so much noise. To overcome the noise, you can put the air cooler outside the window. When compared with numerous types of climate control systems, for example, ducted and split, an evaporative air cooler which in general creates a lot of noise. This is because all of the parts of the machine are in a similar single unit .

Regular Maintenance of the Equipment

Air cooler requires continuous maintenance. You have to clean the air cooler on the customary premise. Aside from that, you have to fill the water in the tank. These are day by day undertakings making it progressively hard to oversee. If there is a shortage of water in the city, at that point air cooler administration will turn out to be very difficult. You have to fill water regularly in the air cooler

The inability to tolerate heat

The individuals who spent a lot of time in a cooled environment become progressively increasingly more intolerant of hot summer temperatures. This problem is mainly caused by the stress on your body from moving from a cool domain to the sweltering open air. This intolerable heat has to lead to enhanced heat-related details during heat waves.


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