Struggling with the hot summer is currently becoming into an easy task. There is typically 2 main kind of cooling devices which are available in the market. One is an air cooler, and another one is the air conditioner. So the question which struck in mind is which one is best, air cooler or air conditioner? Some people opt for air coolers as they’re economical and healthy while others like to go with AC due to its robust cooling performance. To create a right call, you must understand each of them. So, currently, the purpose that strikes our minds is ‘what to choose Air Cooler or Air Conditioner?’

The answer lies in your needs, budget, and environment. Let us explore some differences that shall assist you in understanding the use case of each of those devices

Air Conditioners (Any AC service call ServiceTree) will considerably increase electricity bills is a fact that is understood by several people. However, still many folks buy it thinking that purchasing an air conditioner has become a necessity. Whereas we will comply with an extent to the fact that temperatures have increased a bit in the last century, however, it’s not that life was difficult when there have been no air conditioners. For a long time, people in India, particularly those living in hot and dry climates used to swear a lot of on desert air coolers. The coolers not solely cooled the rooms, but additionally kept the electricity bills low. Here are some of the numerous differences between Air coolers and Air conditioner, which will surely let you decide as per your needs.

Difference between an Air cooler and Air conditioner

Air cooler and AC have their advantages and drawbacks in cooling. Both of them are essential in our lifestyle. Which one is best for you? Let’s see the comparison

Using Fields

Air coolers have many kinds and used in various places. Mini air cooler is for small offices and automobile. Portable air cooler is employed in room, living room and kitchen. Some giant evaporative air coolers with wheels are seen at stations, garages, and squares. In manufacturing plant or warehouse, an industrial air cooler is the most effective choice. Thus it’s worktable for each indoors and outdoors. Whereas air conditioners don’t allow window and door open. It solely works in a sealed room. Central air-conditioning looks to be out of the limitation. It cools down the full building. However, the building itself could be a huge area

Fresh Air

Most people don’t feel well when they stay in an AC room for a long time. It solely circulates within the little place and produces inferiority air. Whereas, the air cooler absorbs recent air from outside. Thus it’s running air. Another factor is that air coolers turn out a lot of moisture that the AC couldn’t. This is why more and more folks like air coolers to air conditioners


Considering the price, an air conditioner is much expensive than air coolers. Air conditioner price around Rs. 30,000 and a transportable sensible air cooler is available less than Rs.10,000. Price of enormous power AC is even higher. Except for the buying expense, daily operating cost and maintenance fee are some differences. You’ll be able to typically pay 50% less if you utilize air coolers rather than air conditioners in your house

Environment Friendly

Traditional air conditioners turn out many greenhouse gases. It makes the air in poor condition, whereas air coolers have few. Additionally, air coolers want so much less electricity than air conditioners. It’s quite good for our nature. If you’re sensing to noise, you’ll be able to additionally opt for a roof or window air cooler. The unit is installed outside, and also the cool air comes into the area by plastic dust. It’s even quieter than the other electrical devices

Clean and Maintenance

Both air coolers and air conditioner need maintenance. Air conditioners also require refrigerant when it’s finished.

As for air coolers, it’s a type of a clean job. A correct and proper cleaning can prolong its time period. The dirt filer ought to be washed monthly. You’d better clean cooling pad in 2 months. If it’s been used for a longer time, you have got to see if it still works. Before and once you utilize air coolers, you must do a whole clean, as well as storage tank, pump, fan blades so on. AC General service is recommend for AC

Energy Efficiency

Air coolers use around 70% less of energy, electricity consumption as an example. It’s an efficient cooling method. The cooling method of air coolers is completely natural. The electricity devices solely contain fan motor and pump. Air conditioners request a lot of devices. They’re 2 huge fans, a mechanical device and 2 sets of coils.


Now by reading this blog you just come to know about the major differences between an Air conditioner and an air cooler, you’re well informed to make an alternative choice depending on your budget and also the type of cooling you need.

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