One of the most necessary areas in your house is the kitchen. This is the place where you spend your time by preparing tremendous dishes for the full family to enjoy–starting and ending the day. Having a pretty and useful kitchen necessitates a good exhaust fan or chimney that’s properly sized for your cooking area.

This fan is vital particularly once you like to cook greasy foods and do plenty of boiling since it works as a vacuum and facilitates the discharge of the visible and invisible particles and smoke which will eventually coat the surfaces of your kitchen after numerous cooking sessions. While not having a good chimney or exhaust fan to exhaust the misty grease in your kitchen that your cooking can eventually result in, it’ll be terribly devastating on your kitchen furniture, walls, and ceilings and might cost a lot of damage. Thus, it’s ideal for all kitchens to possess a chimney or exhaust fan and one that’s properly sized as well.

Studies have shown that cooking smoke will increase indoor pollution and causes respiratory process issues. Hence, it’s vital that our kitchens have smart air circulation. The stale air has to be perpetually replaced with fresh air from the outside so as to keep the pervasive smell of cooking from lingering around the house all the time.

Kitchen Chimney

How kitchen chimney works

A modern electrical chimney features a chimney hood-mounted directly over the burner. Within this kitchen chimney hood is a powerful fan that exhausts the burnt gases from the stove to outside through a piped duct. Causing the burnt gases from the stove straight to the outside is the best answer to possess healthy pollution-free kitchen. This way all the burnt exhaust gases and all of the sticky burnt oil fumes and therefore the irritating masala fumes are all directly sucked outright from the top of the range. Fresh air comes inside the kitchen from any open window, and you’re invariably inhaling fresh air and not the contaminated burner exhaust gases. The kitchen will be a lot of cooler and quite comfortable. For individuals with respiratory illness, asthma and other various respiration issue a chimney within the kitchen is must.

Various benefits of Chimney


Chimneys not solely take the pungent odors and smoke but also removes the grease and oil stains from tiles, cooktops as they’re equipped with suction motors and filters As it vents out grease and dirt, so the kitchen needs fewer cleanup efforts. As it vents out grease and dirt, so the kitchen needs fewer cleanup efforts

As it vents out grease and dirt, so the kitchen needs fewer cleanup efforts

It is relatively less noisy and might be switched on anytime without disturbing the surroundings.

It’s sleek, fashionable, and engaging look add to the beauty of your kitchen along with serving a vital purpose.

Most of the Chimneys are embellished with terribly powerful housing lamps in it that make preparation very comfy as a result of the extra lighting.


They are a touch pricey that most of the individuals can’t afford. An efficient model may start from about Rs 10000/

Another disadvantage is that it consumes a lot of electricity, or so 230 watts

Exhaust fans within the kitchen

An exhaust fan within the kitchen isn’t a whole answer. Mostly all of the modern kitchens have exhaust fans high on the wall, which are quite away from the gas burner. Most of the time there’ll be a window just under the fan, and most housewives open that window thinking it’ll bring fresh air. The matter is that the fresh air comes in through the window just under or close to the exhaust fan; however the fresh air coming in goes straight up into the exhaust fan, and solely small fraction of the burnt gasses is sucked out. This phenomenon is termed channeling, wherever the fresh air goes straight through the exhaust fan, so doesn’t take away burnt gases from the kitchen range.


Exhaust fans are quite cheap when compared with chimney and can be purchased by everyone. In India, the value ranges somewhere around Rs 1000 per exhaust fan

Power supply required to run the exhaust fan is about 65 watts; which is consuming less electricity

It will be used anywhere at washrooms, kitchen, storehouse, etc.


Exhaust Fans are quite noisy; therefore, it becomes perturbing sometimes, resulting in noise pollution; particularly for aged those that are patients of cardiovascular disease, irritation, etc

Since it doesn’t take the grease and oil; that the kitchen has to be clean often


It’s quite clear from the article that kitchen chimney is best when compared with exhaust fan. But, kitchen chimney is quite costlier, but it also reduces the kitchen cleaning effort and keeps the kitchen free from smoke and grease-free. The best thing which we can get from chimney is that we can inhale fresh air in kitchen which is quite good for the health. Another thing is that when we install chimney we can have quite a stylish look of the kitchen

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