The chimney and the kitchen hood have become an integral part of the modern-day homes in India. The chimneys not just look aesthetically appealing but they also help in keeping your kitchens walls free from the dirt and soot. Typically, in an Indian home cooking involves lot of frying and using loads of masalas and oils. The spluttering of the oil may give out a lovely aroma and also add flavour and taste to the food but it leaves behind dirt marks on the ceiling tiles and the cabinets around. And cleaning this accumulated dirt can be a cumbersome task.

To save yourself from the tedious task of rubbing and cleaning the dirt off the kitchen walls, you can install a kitchen chimney or a kitchen hood. A kitchen chimney is an electric device that sucks the fumes and the vapour emitted during the cooking process, and ventilates it outside. This is how a chimney keeps the kitchen fresh and odour free. Whilst it is a useful kitchen appliance, not many people know how to maintain or clean it. For repairs, maintenance and cleaning, it is best advisable that you hire a professional chimney service in Chennai.

These experts not only have the right knowledge about cleaning different types of chimneys but they also ensure that they carry out the right kind of maintenance to keep your chimney functioning effectively for a long time. If you want to install a kitchen chimney in your home, here are a few important things you must consider:

Suction capacity

Every chimney has its own suction power, which is basically the capacity to suck the odour and it is measured in cubic meter per hour. Depending on the size of the kitchen and the frequency of the cooking, you must look for a chimney with a proportionate suction power. For an average Indian home, the ideal suction power should range between 400 m3 per hour and 1000 m3 per hour. The chimneys that have longer hose, generally has more suction capacity.


This is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing the right chimney for your kitchen. You must choose the chimney based on the size of the kitchen, a larger kitchen would need a bigger chimney and vice-versa. The standard chimney size for an average Indian home ranges between 2 feet and 3 feet. If you are looking for a chimney for a commercial kitchen, you would need a bigger sized unit.


This is another important thing to consider. You may hear some noise coming from the chimney, which is caused by the air circulation inside the unit. For a home use it is advisable that you look for a unit that makes less noise.


The entry-level home kitchen chimneys have a single speed option; however, there are a few advanced devices that have variable speed settings. The higher the speed level, the faster will be the ventilation process.


No matter if you are looking for a chimney for home or for commercial kitchen, you can find a wide range of options. Make sure that you have a fixed budget in mind for the chimney; this will make zero down on your options faster.

Maintenance and care

It is best advised that you look for a home chimney that requires minimal maintenance and care. The experts suggest the chimney must be installed at a low height at about 4 feet or less so that it is easier for you to clean it properly. Even though you may clean the chimney regularly at home it is best advised that you hire a professional chimney service in Chennai for a complete maintenance and repair service. This will not only keep your unit functioning efficiently but will also increase its durability.

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