Taking care of the AC units is something that you would not think of everyday. As long as the temperature inside the home is cool and pleasant and there is no noise, there is no reason for you to worry about the AC maintenance or repairs. However, in the event of any malfunction it is vital that you call a professional AC repair company to look into the issue.

The repair companies typically have a team of highly qualified and certified technicians who are trained to deal with all kinds of AC units. They can easily diagnose the problem and restore the machine to work at its optimum capacity. If you are not sure when your air conditioner needs
repairs, the experts AC service Chennai suggest you to look for the following warning signs.

The AC emits warm air

Often times the home owners complain that the air blowing out of their AC vents is warm. This is a very common problem but you must not take it lightly. This is a warning sign that your air conditioner is not functioning efficiently. To fix the issue, make sure that you check the setting on the unit and switch it to cooling mode and set the temperature lower than the current temperature inside the home. If you still face the problem, it could be because of the restricted air flow or some issue with the compressor. Make sure that you call an expert ac technician to inspection and fix the issue.

Drastic rise in the energy bills

The energy bills in India, over the years, have been rising rapidly. However, you have noticed a significant rise in your monthly electricity bills; it could be because of the air conditioner running inefficiently. In such a situation it would be best advised to call a certified ac repair company to carry out a full maintenance check; the technician will ensure that the air conditioner is working on top condition.

Restricted airflow

This is another common problem that most homeowners face and is a clear sign that the AC is not working properly. This problem mainly occurs due to blockage in the vents, which prevent the free flow of air or it could also be because of a clogged air filter or a broken motor. A simple fix to correct this issue is to clean the AC filters and the vents and dust off all the dirt.
Depending on the nature of the problem, the expert ac technicians suggest that investing in a good energy-recovery ventilator would improve the air flow and keep your home cool.


The air conditioners rely on the refrigerant system to cool the home and over a period as it continues to operate it may lead to condensation. If you notice that there are water droplets formed around your ac or if you find a pool of water around, it is a clear sign that cooling system is not running properly. Immediately call the repair service or it may lead to serious

Foul smell

If your home smells of unpleasant odour and if you suspect the smell is coming from the air conditioner, make sure that you all a technician to check the AC before the situation gets worse. A quick diagnosis by an expert Ac service company will immediately help you know if you need a complete cleanup of the unit or if you need to replace the filers. Some experts recommend using ultraviolet lamps to eliminate the recurring microbial growth in the AC.

Annoying sound

This is another common problem that can occur with the home air conditioning units. Most units make a low-level noise when they start-up or shut down, however, if you notice that the AC is make unusually loud noises it can be a sign of a bigger problem. This issue won’t disappear without any help; it needs intervention from an expert AC service Chennai . A technician can immediately identify the source of the sound and immediately fix it.

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