The fridge is a prescribed area which is artificially kept cool and used to store food and drink. Modern fridges generally make utilization of the cooling impact created when an unpredictable liquid is compelled to evaporate in a fixed system in which it can be condensed back to fluid outside the fridge.

Following are the types of the fridge and prescribed features

Top Freezer Fridge

This is the classic fridge that has been a kitchen backbone for a very long time. While the top freezer fridge means having the fridge at a lower level, which may not be perfect for certain clients, the minimal effort of these models might be an agreeable tradeoff.

Side by Side Fridge

If you’re searching for a slim style, side by side fridge models highlight a vertical cooler and fridge that sit legitimately by one another. The thin profile limits the sizes of the foods that can be stored, and these models aren’t as vitality effective as other accessible fridge styles.

Bottom Freezer Fridge

The bottom freezer fridge is incredibly prominent in light of current circumstances. These models give an extensive block of storage for both the fridge and freezer segments, permitting simple accommodation of substance in an assortment of sizes and widths. Basic maintenance and cleaning systems can significantly expand the life and proficiency of your fridge.

Here’s are the following tips to keep your fridge running well for long years

Clean off the condenser coils two times every year

Condenser curls are in charge of removing heat from fridges. They’re the large, radiator-like loops situated at the back or beneath the unit. Whenever dust and dirt cling to the loops, it’s harder for the fridge to evacuate heat.


When frosts have gathered within walls of the freezer to a thickness of a one-half inch or so, remove the food from the fridge, switch off the thermostat or unplug the unit, and enable all of the frosts to dissolve into the liquid. Once frost has been completely melting, turn the unit back in On position, wait for it to reach out the required temperature and keep the food inside.

Clean and supplant the gasket door seal as needed

The gasket is one of the rubber seals that framework your fridge doors. It’s a frequently overlooked part that has the main function of sealing out warm air. After some time, gaskets wear and never again seal in the same manner in which fridges need to work effectively. It’s normal for gaskets to debilitate, relax and tear within a couple of years. When this occurs, warm air enters the inside of the fridge, making it work more diligently to maintain temperature and which adds more run time of compressor. If still, the problem is observed take help of professional experts.

Change the Water Filter

Does your fridge have a water allocator? If yes then you must change the water filter regularly. Replace your filter at regular intervals or call professional experts if needed.

Don’t keep warm food inside the fridge

If possible keep the hot food to be cool down at room temperature before placing them in the fridge. Which will surely reduce down the amount of heat air in the fridge and it will be easy for the compressor to maintain temperature.

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