In a world known to be fast paced, modern, technologically advanced and stuffed with vehicular traffic plus multiple sorts of other pollutants, it has indeed become a challenge to preserve one’s health and agility. Clean and hygienic drinking water is the basis of maintaining good health as proper blood circulation, detoxification of our system and necessary body hydration depends largely on the quality of water intake by the body.

Just like other spheres of life, much research and advancements have been carried out to ensure pure and healthy water to maximum possible extent. RO water purifier technology uses, as the name suggests, Reverse Osmosis process, which works by filtration through a semi-permeable membrane
while applying high pressure on the concentrated side. The Reverse Osmosis based water purification systems are quite effective in checking even the minutest of impurities from running tap water. Since the impurities and harmful salts/ions/pesticides etc are found with various types, sizes (in microns) and strains, the need to invent effective water purification systems rises too. Obtaining pure, hygienic and healthy drinking water has always been one of the major challenges before the research scientists and health professionals.

For a common consumer, it is significant to choose the optimal water purifier for his/her domestic use as the extent of impurities may vary from region to region and the type of water being supplied by the authorities. Nowadays, the companies dealing in devising RO water purifier systems usually have good access to advanced technologies and global data. Moreover, the growing competition in the market also results in providing the consumer the best possible equipments.

The advanced RO water purifiers are, thus, super smart and well -equipped with multiple level purification technology ensuring maximum purity and health benefits of drinking water. Some major advancements in RO water purifier systems are as follows.


The advanced RO water purifiers do not rely on semi – permeable filtration membrane alone which might leave many microscopic impurities pass unchecked. In fact, the advanced technology RO water purification systems come with multi level purification technology i.e RO + UV (ultra violet radiation for disinfection) + UF (ultra – fine sedimentation filters). Most RO water purifiers also use MTDS purification in addition to the above. An MTDS regulator filter can remove TDS (total dissolved solids) upto 2000 mg
/liters. An MTDS controller also helps in adjusting the taste of water. A 6 stage purification system is the latest advancement for maximum purification.


Some advanced RO filter equipments also use ‘mineral cartridges’ for correcting the pH of purified water. A balanced pH also helps water retain its natural flavor. To know more about pH correction this might help.


Revitalizers work by restructuring water molecules and, in a way, energize the water. This makes drinking water more capable of hydration.


The filter change alarms beep when your filter needs to be changed. Similarly, you get the signal if UV radiation equipment is faltering.


These filters have become indispensable in modern RO filters. Pre carbon filters help eliminate the odour from water whereas post carbon filters filter several organic compounds. Carbon filters ensure you get the taste as natural as possible.


The advanced RO systems are efficient in saving energy and are, thus, smarter enough. The latest RO models assure maximum purity with energy saving methodologies and thus cut the running costs too.


Last but not the least, the latest RO water purifiers come backed with an efficient feedback/servicing/maintenance systems. Prominent RO companies hire qualified and competent professionals who are adept in handling all maintenance and services issues quickly and efficiently. The
consumer can hope to get hassle free services throughout.

These are just some of the latest innovations in modern RO water purification technology. There are some other variants too like mineral fortification system (which helps in the restoration of essential minerals and ions) and ultra thin sediment filters ( for removing suspended solid impurities, sand and large molecules etc) and automatically operation control systems etc which enable a generous extent of purity and hygiene in drinking water. The latest models of RO water purification systems are thus
optimally designed, energy saving, consumer friendly, easily maneuverable and smart.

Apart from doing away with common impurities like lead, mercury, arsenic, cysts, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, nitrates and several other kinds of harmful toxins, the updated RO water purification systems eliminate microscopic germs like bacteria, viruses and protozoa with enhanced
efficiency. The resultant water is pure, transparent, having a healthy pH level and tastes just as natural.

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