The summer season implies utilizing the air conditioner on a non-stop basis. As soon as the temperatures rise, the effectiveness of an air conditioner falls significantly. The subsequent tips will not only relieve the burden on your home air conditioner, as a result it runs further competently, and nevertheless you’ll in addition save on your energy bills and decrease your carbon footprint in the course of action.

Ideal Temperatures at 26 degree Celsius

Numerous people are content about leaving the air conditioner at the suggested 26 degrees celsius. Certain people go a step additional and position the temperature higher when no one’s home. However don’t lessen the temperature lower than 26 to cool the house down sooner. You can utilize the option of thermacool i.e. cover the ceiling with the material to even reduce the height if required.  The air conditioner cools at the similar rate no matter anywhere its set. Regulating the temperature to 22 degrees will not assist your house reach a temperature at 26 degrees any faster than leaving it at 26.

Close the curtains

Natural light can assist decrease your lighting expenses, but when no one is in a room, it’s most excellent to keep the curtains closed for the duration of the daylight hours. It is particularly true for houses with windows in front of east and west. 

Remove unnecessary objects

It is important to remove unnecessary objects as they may absorb the coolness generated by AC and generate heat. Generally people keep unwanted objects in room under coat, open cupboards. Scan through all the objects in your room and move out. 

A/C and Other Appliances

Remember appliances produce heat namely the TV and laptop. It is important to stop and control heating activities when you utilize the air conditioner. Making use of such equipment leads to the coolness created by the air conditioner to be reduced or drastically affected.


One more functional technique is to include, if you have a green thumb, is houseplants. Definite types of houseplants—together with xerophytes such as cacti, aloe, furthermore succulents; “air plants” namely bromeliads; and some greenery that doesn’t necessitate everyday watering—get their water from the air in the region of them. If you grow them in windows or else window boxes, they’ll sponge up a bit of humidity at the same time as blocking a little of the sunlight. On the other hand, not all greenery thrives in humid conditions, so inquire at your local garden center to discover the ideal plants.


Utilize covered wardrobes

A covered wardrobe have a way of keeping the room cool and prevent a chaotic appearance to the room and supplements the existing cool as well as cooling capacity of the room. This leads to optimal functioning and usage of the air conditioner. You’ll find as result less heat and optimal cooling capacity within the room and effective usage of the air conditioner.

Prevent direct sunlight from reaching the house and use heat resistant tiles

Keeping direct sunlight from entering the house helps to reduce the amount of work your air conditioner has to do. To maximize cooling, open the drapes, blinds or curtains in the evening to allow heat to escape through the windows. Make use of heat resistant tiles for terrace i.e. if you are independent home/villa.

Make use of sun proof paint

Make use of Sun proof Paint in your house as this a cheaper, alternate option. 

Coating materials that guard against fire, water or else extreme temperatures are nothing latest. However this high-tech paint doesn’t just defend surfaces from the sun. It in point of fact makes use of the sun’s power to set in motion a cooling mechanism, efficiently providing air conditioning, devoid of electricity, by the power of the paint itself.

This double-layered outside layer soaks up the hot rays of the sun in addition to re-emitting that energy in the form of cold. The hotter the solar emission the supplementary the coating cools down, making the paint a potentially game-changing electricity-free answer that is intended for extremely sunny climates namely the weather that is found in Africa and Central as well as South America.

Make use of ceiling/ floor fans/ exhaust fans

In more temperate climates, you could possibly turn the air conditioner off at night as well as let ceiling or floor fans made available do all the work. The energy employed by fans is far lesser than that of air conditioners.

If you exist in a warmer climate, fans could still present a relaxed breeze at night and possibly will permit you to set the air conditioner higher than 26 degrees saving an enormous deal of energy. Fans are capable in addition of helping to move cool air about the house to relieve the workload of the air conditioner.

Make use of an exhaust fan when cooking to lend a hand force out hot air from the house. If you don’t have an exhaust fan, cool the room by making use of a floor fan in the kitchen whilst cooking. Fans not merely cool the air; however they in addition assist move hot air away from the kitchen.

Location for an AC

The perfect location intended for a central air conditioning unit is on the north side of a house. While this may perhaps not at all times practical, there are supplementary ways to accomplish this.


Landscaping does extra than make your backyard look pleasant. By planting shrubs or trees in the region of your air conditioning unit, you can lend a hand to ensure making it cool your home more competently. The shade from landscaping in addition helps maintain the sun’s rays away from your residence.

Employ a dehumidifier

Dehumidifer is subjective it is not applicable for all. When people state, “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity,” they are accurate. If you have a dehumidifier, turn it on at what time the temperature rises. Ridding your house of dampness will make you experience a lot more comfortable. You may perhaps even be able to put your air conditioner above 78 degrees whilst using a dehumidifier combined with fans.

Keep Your AC in Good condition

Last but not least, AC need maintenance, AC requires 2 – 3 general cleanings per year, also make sure Ac have enough gas.   Service Tree provides effective AC General Service and AC gas filling service. Anything related to AC service reach us.

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