Whether it is the case of Dust storms, heavy downpours, thunder, furthermore lightning. It is true that the monsoon season is starting in June.

At the same time as there’s not much you can do to put off the summer storms, you can get ready your home so you can reduce the probability of damage. This includes shielding your air conditioner. As one of the most significant and priceless components of your home, isn’t it worth a modest TLC for the duration of the imminent monsoon?

As we have numerous recommendations to assist maintain your air conditioner safe and sound all the way through the summer and furthermore beyond.

DIY – cleaning tips

Prune Back Vegetation

Leaves, branches, as well as twigs are not an air conditioners best companion – mainly for the duration of a storm! Take the moment in time to guarantee shrubs, grass, along with trees limbs are cleared away as of your unit ahead of the monsoons start. This can avert something falling on it for the duration of a storm, or else it getting clogged with fragments.

Change Your Filters

System air filters can get clogged rapidly for the period of dust storms. Begin the season by means of replacing them, furthermore then make certain to check them regularly – mainly subsequent to a storm. By doing so, you’ll make possible your air conditioner to work more competently at the same time as also civilizing your indoor air excellence and conditions.

Right time to do general cleaning

This is the time of year when you certainly don’t want to experience a break down. Temperatures can ascend into the 90s in your home if it’s not chilled. Don’t take risks! Get a tune up to make certain everything is running as it must be and the best time is during the summer or monsoon. It is important to ensure that the ac works in optimal efficiency during the harmful and severe monsoon.

For AC general cleaning reach us we are happy to help you.

Get Familiar with Your Home’s Electrical System -Make sure outdoor unit is safe in rain water

Ensure that your home’s electrical system is fine during the monsoon.  Electrical storms are infamous for taking out the power in homes this moment in time of year. A circuit breaker guards your home’s electrical system. Under standard use, there won’t be a problem. On the other hand, for the duration of a storm, circuit breakers are able to be tripped. If you are familiar with a system malfunction subsequent to a storm, verify the circuit breakers to observe if this is the problem. Ensure that your complete outdoor unit is safe in rain water. Any part of the ac that is exposed to the rainfall or severe cyclones during the monsoon season stands to be corroded or the spark and efficiency of service can be affected.

Remove the battery from remote

It is important to remove the battery from the remote. If the battery cells are left to remain in the remote or that aspect left unchecked it can lead to a spillage of battery fluid into the remote. This could cause a definite damage of the internal circuits of the remote.  Hence the work effects of the air conditioner would b nullified and the internal circuits could indeed become corroded.

Use AC at least once month

Sorry to say, air conditioners don’t do any better after sitting unemployed for a month than they did in advance—and if there’s a main problem, it may have become worse. For working example:

  • If there was a refrigerant leakage prior to, it possibly will have gone from “low” to “empty” subsequent to 1 month
  • Performance issues associated with an uncleaned /unmaintained AC unit will get of poorer quality with time after non usage in a month.
  • If AC was turning on, nevertheless struggling to function for any motive (blows warm air, turns off too often, et cetera.), that problem is probable to be further severe now.

AC covers protect from dust and water available online

An ac needs a proper and sound cover to protect it from the falling leaves, excessive rain etc. Apart from ensuring a sound cover for your air conditioner it is important to ensure that the coils of the air conditioner are properly cleaned and guaranteed in sound condition. A good cover also protects the ac from the direct sun. Dripping water from trees and gutters can possibly get into the unit. Afterward when the temperature falls, that water will turn into ice which expands and causes damage to the fins. These ac covers are fortunately available online and prove to be very useful.

It’s neat to find out how to guard your air conditioner all through the monsoon season as well as how to cover up your air conditioner for winter.

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